How to join


“Continentals” is not an ‘open youth work’ allowing anybody to join, no. You need to do audition!
Going on tour is hard work, but exciting: it is demanding in terms of personality, motivation, input, character, conviction and musical abilities. Therefore, criteria for auditioning had to be developed, and these are: • social; • religious; • character/motivation; • musical/artistic.

B. Further procedures

  1. Having been accepted, the “Continental” regularly receives information necessary to prepare him- or herself, the tour conditions, and the music (which needs to be learnt beforehand).
  2. A 8-day rehearsal camp follows, led by professionals. This includes preparation of the concert performance, both artistically and in terms of content, as well as all other aspects. Camp followed by:
  3. A tour of 1 week minimum, 4 weeks maximum

SO, HOW to do audition?
You need to do audition at the Continental office nearby, see the page continental offices.


If you are not talented in the field of singing, playing an instrument or doing sound/lights. You can Contribute in a very special way to organise a concert with one of the Continental groups in your village/city.
HOW TO INVITE: use the link to the continental office nearby.